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Are you fresh to WordPress? Do you want to start blogging on WordPress platform? Then relax! We thought of you, and that’s why we have compiled a comprehensive Wordpress Guide just for you! Reading this course will be the first step to successful blogging!


WordPress is a (CMS) –Content Management System that is free and open source tool for any person wishing to start a blog (website).

This CMS can be used from any part of the world. With WordPress, you will not have to worry about complicated programmings like PHP, MYSQL, HTM, CSS or even JavaScript because professional programmers have already done everything for you.

Millions of the most successful websites today are built on WordPress. This CMS can be used for a news blog, classified site, directory site, and much more! The applications will only be limited to your imagination!
This is not a justifiable reason as to why you have to choose WordPress! There are unlimited and spectacular features that may compel you to use WordPress in powering your online presence.
The outstanding features of WordPress include; Thousands of plugins, Plugins are extensions to enhance inbuilt features in WordPress. When you choose this CMS, there will be thousands of plugins available for you.
Whether you want to add classified functionalities or social media platform in your website or any other idea that you have in mind, there is always a ready plugin in WordPress.
Unlimited Themes, A theme is the body of your website. There are unlimited themes that you can install and give your site a beautiful layout.
Note that there are free and premium themes. If you want to enjoy the best experience, you better choose a premium theme!
SEO Friendly By its natural way, WordPress has been coded to be SEO friendly to the search engines. However, you have to enhance this functionality with SEO plugins.
There are also other ways of improving SEO that will be covered in the SEO Chapter so follow this course to the end!
WordPress is an Open Source tool This means that you can use the software free without any licenses from the owners.
You can also edit without falling into troubles of copyright. You should take this advantage and adopt WordPress now.

Easy Blogging WordPress is the only platform that will allow you to blog fast and easy. You can quickly post, edit and even add images to your post.

You can also edit without falling into troubles of copyright. You should take this advantage and adopt WordPress now.

WordPress allows multiple Multimedia and graphics As you post your articles, you can add images, videos and even graphic to your post.

This is an excellent way of creating an eye-catching appearance of your site.

Highly responsive WordPress is readily and highly responsive to mobile, tablets and all PC screens. Therefore, you will enjoy large traffic without incurring the expenses of creating a mobile application.
What is difference between and

If you are fresh to WordPress, you will find these two sites a bit confusing. There is a paramount difference between the two! This is the site where you will be able to download the software “WordPress” which will power your blog.

On this WordPress website, you will also be able to download all plugins and themes that people and other professional programmers have contributed.

Don’t be confused anymore! is not a web hosting company! In fact, this is the official site for
WordPress Company. On this WordPress website, you will be able to create your blog with just 5 steps. Once your blog is ready, you can assign it to your domain name.

If you don’t have a domain name ready, you can continue to use the free blog but the domain will end with “”. Example: At a later date when you have you own domain name (when you register your domain), you can assign it to your WordPress blog at a charge of $2o per year.

Note that your free blog traffic will be automatically redirected to your new domain name! However, if you want to operate a large website for organizations, companies and business or even agencies, will not be the best choice for hosting.

It has a limited number of plugins and themes; this will limit you in case you want to customize your site. The hosting is not also favorable for business because it doesn’t support commercial themes and plugins and hence it will limit your site monetization. But there is always a solution in WordPress!

Just use the self-hosted option and you will be sorted. You will realize that running a self-hosted site on WordPress is much simple than you may imagine!

So what do you exactly need to start a
Self-hosted WordPress site?

The requirements may vary but in this tutorial we shall guide you to get the best!

You will need a professional theme

don’t go for the free themes. A professional theme will make your site appear great and appealing to the users.

There are multiple plugins available for free

there are many free and premium wordpress plugins are available to extend functionality of our new wordpress website.

eye catching graphics

A good site should have graphics, so if you can’t design them, then hire a person to do it for you. Make use of your phone to get some smart images or you can as well purchase the images.

make regular updates

Highly customized websites will require more than the things listed above. However, site features should be added gradually because it is impossible to build a site that has all the features you require at once.

Therefore for the purpose of this course the above element are enough! Keenly follow this course and we guarantee you will build your site with the minimum budget possible.

Domain name, hosting and name servers

We have talked about Domains, hosting and name server! Maybe you found these terminologies very strong to you! What precisely are they and how do they affect your self-hosted WordPress blog?

A domain is simply the name of your site. Example if your domain is: then your site will be “Domain” Steps to get and host a domain...

Step 1: choose your favorite name for a domain. You can do a search through the internet to make sure it’s very unique and appealing.

Step 2: register your domain. You will require a domain registration company. We advice yo choose GoDaddy because it’s cheap and reputable

Step 3: host your domain. This means placing your domain on a server! Is it complicated?

A server is just the system that will allow you to install the WordPress software. Consider Hostgator because its prices are very competitive and it is 99.9% reliable.

There are some technicalities that you have to understand on hosting. Some companies will offer both domain registration and hosting.

It is advisable to keep them separate. If you are just a starter, search for a company that will do both, to avoid confusions. Most exceptional hosting companies offer unlimited domains.

Meaning you can have several domains with separate websites under your monthly package. There are also unlimited sub-domains and emails. So you can create other “sub-websites” within your main site.

The emails will enable you to create personalized emails, the professional way of doing business. It is crucial to know that some hosting companies will allow you to transfer your website to another hosting while others don’t allow. The once that usually allow, place a charge for the service!

You are just a few steps to making your new site live on the internet! We are now getting deeper to WordPress and you should keep tuned! What to expect in the next chapter...

  • Tips and tricks of choosing a domain registration and hosting company
  • Easy guide on installing wordpress on your domain
  • A comprehensive tour of the wordpress dashboard